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Your questions answered

Which council do I live in?

There is a service in every council area, sometimes called a 'local authority'.

You can normally find the name of your local authority on public buildings like libraries or leisure centres, or by asking a carer, teacher or parent.

Or have a look here:

Will my parents or school find out?

You have a right to a private service. The advisors at the service promise to keep things 'confidential', this means they will not tell anyone that you have been in touch or what you have talked about. They won’t tell your parents, teachers, social workers or anyone without your permission.

But, the service might tell other people what you have said if:

You say it is ok first
The advisors think someone might be in danger of being hurt

Service staff will always talk to you before they talk to anyone.

Can I bring someone with me?

If you have a meeting with your local service then you can bring your parents, carers or someone else with you.

Often this is a good idea. They can help you to remember the information or support you to make decisions. You can choose whether you go on your own or bring someone with you.

What if I'm not happy about a service?

If you are not happy with your local service, then you should talk to them first.

If this is not possible, then you can contact the Information, Advice and Support Services Network and we will try to help.

Any other questions?

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